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>> >> no one like closing down schools. it is a tough decision >> with >> top >> he believes the closure
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would negatively affect his granddaughter's education and something else to resolve the problems. the kids need to learn. >> not everyone feels strongly about their neighborhood schools. some parents support the district in shutting down this camp is located next to the 580 freeway. >> it is read by the freely. if you think about pollution or any of those things, it doesn't seem like the best place for children under fifth grade to be out and about. >> the san jose sharks are facing off with fans over advertising. the owner of
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that police and build on has for season tickets behind the sharks the bench. last year they wore shirts with his company's name. when he canceled his $70,000 sponsorship with the team this year, the team says no shirts are now welcome. he says those shirts are no different insurers with nike or the fetus. we have been season-ticket holders for the last 10 years. about three years ago and started wearing my company logo to the games to show our company spirit. and they say that we're using it for advertising. i have been a short span for a very long time. during the game you might get on television a couple of seconds. for the amount you are paying for
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those tickets, it would be cheaper to run overnight on kron4. >> stanley says he wanted to my game and for his bad boys' shirts and no one tried to stop them. this is the statement released by the sharks. hong >> new details tonight, the two american hikers freed from an iranian prison are on their way home. shane bower and johnston atoll were released this week. this is video of their plane arriving in beaumont.
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>> patrol and if it does affect dot dot dot and the
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oakland a's lost to the angels, the final score 4- 2. just 2.5 games in the a.l. west. tampa bay and boston have four games remaining. still ahead on kron4 news, president obama is getting set for a bay
11:06 pm
area visit to talk about jobs. will tell you what is on his agenda and the preparations under way. a man confined to a wheelchair struck and killed and a hit and run. big changes in store for the future of social networking. we will show you the plans that facebook unveiled this week. who as ruth discuss rise her to
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our demo police are looking for a driver that hit and killed a man.-craig skalar spoke with witnesses and richmond. if >> this was the scene where 52 year-old david cox was struck and killed by a passing vehicle. police and witnesses say the impact of tam clear across the intersection. he died later at area hospitals. witnesses say it was a disturbing scene. >> i yelled for the car to stop at the kept going. >> a kept asking, is the
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breathing, that kind of thing. he was. >> here is a description of the vehicle. it ought >> to just run over excellent and the set, he will be truly missed. havana police believe it was an accident but do not know for sure until the driver turns himself in. neighbors say that cox was a colorful local character. they say that people often drive too fast through year. data clevis guys and default on the day to night. kittles looks pretty nice from treasure island. he can see
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strong trochophore is showing some rain. pithos apothegm thought theft complaint thought withdraw ... ... deferred ... codfish dot designed
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>> got temperatures will be cooler for tomorrow, like it or today because of the clouds. low '70's south bay. low-mid-70's in east bay. temperatures will deal more as we head into next week. east shore highs in the mid-upper 60s. he appears '60s and low subsidies on the peninsula. the best chance for rain will be north of the golden gate bridge. sonoma and marin counties. after tomorrow will level the thing of the past. by
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tuesday and wednesday look for eighties. when we been
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no burner another busy
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herman cain came out on top. rick perry came met second candidate running around out the top three. the race for the lighthouse is heating up as presidential hopefuls said the campaign trail. mitt romney stopped in michigan. i am planning on doing well here. actually, if i become a nominee and i think we can take michigan and this will be the state that send
11:17 pm
barack obama to the most appropriate retirement. during his speech, rick perry said he knows how to guide the country in the right direction. >> americans are ready for change. they're not talking about the rhetoric of change, they're talking about a record of change, every day, as a president a will get up and i will to that oval office and i will try to make washington d.c. as inconsequential in your life as i can. every day! [applause] met and it remains to be seen will and in the white house but it will be in action packed free to the finish line. president obama will be here in the area tomorrow and monday. he is
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expected to attend a few fund-raisers in the town hall meeting. nicotiana felt is previewing the president's plans. president obama it is expected to arrive late sunday afternoon for two different campaigning events. the first is a fund-raising reception at the home of john thompson. guests are expected to take to thousand $500 per ticket or 7500 to have a photo taken with the president. there is a private dinner here at the home of cheryl sandberg, the chief operating officer of facebook. $35,000 per plate. the president will reportedly get a question and answer session after his initial remarks. he will then overnight in san jose. on monday the president will be in mountain view at the computer history museum to put on a town hall meeting in connection with linkedin that will focus on putting america back to work. at the
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town hall meeting the president will take questions of job creation and the economy from a live audience and questions submitted by linkedin members across the country. if the meeting is expected to last an hour into should be getting underway at 11:00 a.m.. >> stay with kron4 for live coverage of the president's bay area is it. we're also streaming on the left at >> the concern of climate change to the streets of san francisco today. >> a couple of members of dozens of local environmental agencies charged together to join the
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was is a similar rallies worldwide. >> stocktaking carpet out of the air and putting it into the atmosphere. >> right at the moment, and called for a recall of china into lake carbon levels are high. >> it is pessimism and hope that environmental leaders expressed. >> the science is getting darker all the time. >> it is amazing how first the opposition is. it is funded by the fossil fuel industry. >> involvement is finally
11:21 pm
emerging. we have to get the net id strata of. >> the current administration is a ring of issues that they will be dealing with over the next three months. >> president has three key decisions ahead of him, to approve or not, a massive pipeline that would take dirty oil from canada, cleaning up our coal plants and making sure they're being retired in using clean energy and regulating gashouse. it is pointed to the question that determines what this century's about. >> a programming note to tell you about, the blue angels and fleet week on setting up to eight.
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>> marked as a girl. [music] >> heavy ever seen a keynote address open like this? >> and the comedian proper
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support up and retract the block. >> i want to start out by talking about the heart of your facebook experience, the profile. >> facebook has completely all their profile, looking at how you will use it. >> we have been working on it all year. glycolic timeline. >> time line is that it fits the profile will all have the amount. it rolls out to users in a couple weeks. >> time line is the story of your life. the first thing you'll notice is, it is more visual. it is a great way to discover people and what they have done for their whole life. >> organizing your memories. right now it can take forever to find something from the past. facebook will be your one-stop shop for preserving your digital life. polls, the pictures and videos, easy to find.
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the right side will have the time line in years. here is what the status bar will look like. it is not on top, it is floating in the middle. al-qaeda and looks like we will need the umbrella tomorrow. >> at least for a short time. the north they will get still a bit of a soaking tomorrow. so we also see some rain in san francisco and oakland. a slim chance of rain. >> thank you for joining us tonight, will see tomorrow morning. good night.
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